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So with the turmoil related to Twitter going on, I decided to check out Mastodon again. Previously, there wasn’t a whole lot of commotion going on there. Meaning that I, as a lurker, didn’t find it very interesting. But with the huge amount of new users coming in the thing actually looks interesting.

Since I signed up ages ago, I had my account on, meaning the huge influx of new users probably results in a slightly below par performance for the instance, but that’s reasonable. After a day or so I decided to try to set up my own instance and the experience was fairly pain free. But we’ll see if I keep it running or if I simply end up joining some other instance instead. The “Local timeline” isn’t exactly bustling on a one man instance.

The iOS app seems to be lagging behind in development a bit as compared to the web frontend. It only supports showing your “Home Feed” and lacks the “follow hashtag” feature. I ended up just using the web frontend from both desktop and mobile.

Paul Haddad of Tapbots seems to be working on either implementing Mastodon support into Tweetbot or making a separate Mastodon client. Given the quality of the Tweetbot, I’m looking forward to it.